Cybersecurity Essentials

This is a free introductory  Course in cybersecurity, for anyone looking to learn the basics and be on their to way to becoming Professionals in the field.

This course is design in Audio and video format for easy understanding of the subject and you earn a certificate of completion after the final quiz. Signup Now !


This Module explains what cybersecurity is and why the demand for cybersecurity professionals is growing. It explains what your online identity and data is, where it is, and why it is of interest to cyber criminals.
This Module also discusses what organizational data is, and why it must be protected. It discusses who the cyber attackers are and what they want. Cybersecurity professionals must have the same skills as the cyber attackers, but cybersecurity professionals must work within the bounds of the local, national and international law. Cybersecurity professionals must also use their skills ethically.
Also included in this module is content that briefly explains cyber warfare and why nations and governments need cybersecurity professionals to help protect their citizens and infrastructure.


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