Making the transition to remote learning

As concern grows around COVID-19, many education leaders are making the difficult decision to close schools. To help make the transition to distance learning, we’ve created a Virtual ClassRoom Platforms that we hope will help support  IT, educators, staff and students as they make this transition.

Moving to a virtual classroom

Learning online can be just as personal, engaging and socially connected as learning in a classroom. Students and teachers can stay in touch and help each other using conversations, and can feel like they are meeting in person using live meetings. Teachers can track student progress in their daily work using Assignments. No one needs to feel out of touch. Many students who learn online say they feel they have more of a voice, and they feel more connected to their teachers and peers than they did in the classroom. And, just like in a classroom, teachers can use the Virtual Classroom to support how they work best.

Set up
your Virtual ClassRoom
@ N299 per Month

  • Set Up Lessons materials 
  • Allow student study and converse with Teachers 
  • Track Student Progress with Assignments and quiz 
  • Offer up to 10 courses /Classes per student 
  • No coding skills required just signup and submit your materials ..we do the Hardwork for you 

How to Sign Up for virtual ClassRoom

  • Fill out the contact Form with all your  school details are requested 
  • Upload  the Class Material/Teaching Materials with tests questions  and the correct answers  in MS WORD format Only, if you use Pictures upload in a separate file  png/jpeg format.
  • Make the required Payment using your preferred  Card or USSD Code 
  • 24 hour after your portal will be live and the link send to you by mail for you to share with your teachesr , parents and students .